How Go webP Works?

New to Go webP WordPress Plugin?

Below is a complete guide how to setup Go WebP WordPress plugin for your website.

step 1 – Installation

  • First you will have to install Go WebP plugin from WordPress plugin installation page and activate it.
  • After activation you will get the 30 days free trail automatically.
  • Navigate to setting page where you will get all setting options as shown in the image.
  • You will have to Press Get Key button for premium version to enjoy more advanced features.
Go Webp settings

Features In Trial Period

In trial version you are only allowed to use limited Go WebP features.

Go Webp Image Optimization level

1 – Optimization Level

  • Optimization level feature allows you to set your image compression level.
  • By default it’s 65% you can manage it according to your requirements.

2 – View Port

View Port feature fire image requests when an image div/tag is on screen and on next screen. Its simply reduce unnecessary bandwidth consumption and make your site load faster.

Go Webp view port
Webp Progressive Load

3 – Progressive Load

Progressive image load is tricky mechanism which enhance user experience and website speed at its peak. It request low resolution images at initial i.e : 50×50 and then it loads images as per screen size’s.

4 – Border

Image border feature allows you to set default border’s of post and page images in detail.

  • Border Thickness & Color.
  • Border Radius.
Webp image border setting
Webp image shadow setting

5 – Image Shadow

Image Shadow feature allows you to set default shadow, shadow color and opacity of all images. More options as mentioned below:

  • Shadow Size & Color.
  • Shadow Opacity.

6 – Default

It will override all your changes to default setting.

Load default Webp settings
save and start image optimization

7 – Save & Optimize

Hitting this button will save all of your changes on GowebP setting’s and start optimizing images as per setting defined.

Features In Paid Version

For paid users Go WebP WordPress plugin optimize your website images at the highest possible image optimization.

1 – Theme Images

Theme Images option is only available on paid version and this feature enable all image optimization feature’s for images inside your theme files.

optimize wordpress theme images
optimize images for AMP pages

2 – AMP

It enables all Go WebP image optimization features for AMP pages.

3 – EXIF Data

EXIF is short for Exchangeable Image File, a format that is a standard for storing interchange information in images. You can enable or disable it with GowebP paid version.

Exif Data

Advance Settings

With paid version it will optimize your website images at the highest possible image optimization.

Custom size for different screens

1 – Image Dimension

It allow you to adjust image dimensions as per your requirement for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and TV Devices. You can adjust image resolution for all mentioned screen separately.

2 – Additional/Custom Path

Additional and Custom Path feature allows you to add additional custom folder paths for Go WebP in order to affect all settings and optimization.

Custom image path




  • Single Website
  • Unlimited Image Size
  • 1000 Images Limitation
  • 30 Day’s Trial Period
  • Email Support
Not Required



  • Single Website
  • Unlimited Image Size
  • Unlimited Image Count
  • License for 30 days
  • 24/7 Email Support



  • Single Website
  • Unlimited Image Size
  • Unlimited Image Count
  • License for 365 days
  • 24/7 Email Support

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