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  • Single Website
  • Unlimited Image Size
  • 1000 Images Limitation
  • 30 Day’s Trial Period
  • Email Support
Not Required



  • Single Website
  • Unlimited Image Size
  • Unlimited Image Count
  • License for 30 days
  • 24/7 Email Support



  • Single Website
  • Unlimited Image Size
  • Unlimited Image Count
  • License for 365 days
  • 24/7 Email Support


Optimize your website images using webP or legacy ( .PNG | .JPG | .JPEG ) image extensions/Formats. Go webP WordPress plugin will be optimizing all of your website’s Images with elegant buttons and simple steps.

Main features:

  • Lossless Image Compression. (Compress image without lossing image quality)
  • Go Lazy load (Lazy load your images so images will not block rendering your website pages.)
  • Go View port load (Only loads images when it is on screen or close to screen for all devices)
  • Progressive Loads (Load low resolution images at first and then increase image resolution as per screen size)
  • Differ image for differ screen (Load different size images as per screen / Device size)
  • Automattic image optimization. (Optimize images automatically when uploading in media, post or pages)
  • No Size Limit. (You can optimize any size image, there are no limits)
  • Image borders. (Allow you to set images border for Post and Pages)
  • Image Shadow. (Allow you to set shadow for images of Post and Pages)

Premium Features:

  • Go Webp Format. (Serve images on next-gen Webp format)
  • Custom Differ Size. (Allow to set custom image size’s for different screen’s)
  • AMP support. (Allow you to serve optimize images and plugin features for amp pages)
  • EXIF Data. (Allow your to remove remove EXIF data from images)
  • Custom Path. (Allow you to set multiple custom path for image source in order to optimize)

For any support or query please contact [email protected].

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